Applied Heating & Cooling Solutions is an expert in handling maintenance, repairs, and replacements on heat pumps. No matter the heat pump’s make or model, our technicians are prepared to make the necessary repair. 

Heat Pump Seen Better Days?

If you have a heat pump, chances are it’s responsible for heating and cooling your entire home. Unlike a furnace or AC that only gets used during certain parts of the year, heat pumps typically operate year-round. Because of this, heat pumps undergo a lot more wear-and-tear. Schedule a repair today if 

  • The heat pump won’t heat or cool 
  • Peculiar noises are coming from the heat pump
  • Energy costs are higher than usual
  • The heat pump is switching on and off too often

Reduce Heat Pump Wear-and-Tear With Routine Maintenance

Because heat pumps perform two roles, we highly recommend having professional maintenance done twice a year. Semi-annual maintenance helps:

  • Avoid an unforeseen breakdown
  • Optimize your system’s efficiency
  • Improve airflow and air quality

Install a Heat Pump for High-Efficiency Heating and Cooling

Suppose you’re looking to replace your old or broken HVAC system with one that offers high efficiencies, no continuous gas charges, and improved dehumidification during the summer. In that case, a heat pump may be an excellent choice. As a Trane Comfort Specialist, we can provide a free quote to see if a heat pump is a good fit for you and your family.