Ductless systems (ductless mini-splits) are suitably named because they don’t require ductwork stretches to deliver air. Ductless technology is used worldwide and offers unique solutions to problems that standard ducted systems can’t solve. 

Why You Should Consider Going Ductless

Ductless systems have grown in popularity over the years because they allow homeowners to

  • Combat problem areas throughout their home that are too hot or too cold
  • Heat and cool new additions and sunrooms that don’t have existing ductwork
  • Customize comfort room-by-room with various indoor unit options
  • Considerably reduce energy costs

How Often to Maintain Your Ductless Heat Pump

It would be best to have a factory-trained professional perform maintenance on your ductless heat pump once a year. That said, some essential maintenance can be DIY. On a standard HVAC system, you would need to change your filter regularly, but with ductless, you can wipe the indoor unit with a damp cloth and dust off the filter every couple of months. Routine maintenance can

  • Extend the life of your ductless heat pump
  • Prevent future repairs
  • Improve indoor air quality and airflow
  • Reduce energy costs

Is Your Ductless Heat Pump Experiencing Issues?

If properly maintained, your ductless system could last for two decades or longer. Still, there will be times when your system will encounter a problem that requires professional repair. The most common heat pump issues include

  • A broken reversing valve preventing your ductless heat pump from transitioning between heating and cooling modes
  • Unusual noises that may be a refrigerant leak or a broken component within the indoor unit
  • Not heating correctly or meeting temperature demand
  • Turning off and on too often