An air handler works with your heating and cooling systems and controls and regulates the airflow inside your home. In addition to being a critical part of your heating and cooling systems, air handlers also:

  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Reduce wear and tear on your systems
  • Enhance air quality

Your air handler may live in the attic, basement, or dedicated closet, and may look somewhat like a furnace. As the name suggests, it “handles” the flow of warm and cool air throughout your home. Air handlers keep your home comfortable throughout all seasons. 

Just like any system, air handlers need to be repaired and maintained. Air handlers contain indoor coils which heat and cool your home. This component of your heating and cooling system is an often overlooked but critical piece. Whether you need repair, a tune-up, replacement, or installation, we can help.

Repair and Installation

An air handler’s job is to distribute cool air from an air conditioner, or hot and cold air from a heat pump. Air handlers are what keep you comfortable throughout every season. Between our friendly and knowledgeable customer service reps to our experienced technicians, we can help solve any repair or installation need you may have.

Preventative Maintenance

Whether you need a seasonal tune-up or are not sure when your system was last examined, look to Applied Heating & Cooling Solutions to help. Maintaining the health of your systems for excellent operating conditions is not only important but also is considerably less expensive than repairing or replacing systems if repair is not possible.

  • Avoid frequent repairs and the likelihood of system failure 
  • Maintain energy-efficiency and keep your energy bills down 
  • Keep your air clean and healthy